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She's a cutie. I'm on my fifth cat. The first four were male and never caught a single mouse. My Patches though, that girl is ruthless, I find sodden, still but whole creatures at the bottom of my stairs many mornings. Better there and dead than living and eliminating on my kitchen counters. I'm sure little Delilah will grow into a valuable member of your household.


:) Thanks, @owasco. We hope so. But even if she did not, she is already providing lots of fun. She sure knows how to make you smile even if you don't want to. Animal magic

There's nothing like a little kitten for joyfulness and mischief. Enjoy her. I'm a little jealous as I am trying to tame a feral cat, nearly adult, so I would not get the cute little kitten phase from him.

Hahaha. Be careful. Who knows, maybe with the right amount of affection he may "relapse" into an early phase and enjoy the perks