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Peace Steemians,

Let us talk about Hang on and hang up


When you finally enter your home, it's warm, so you take off your hat and coat.

You look for somewhere to put them, and see three very large hooks on the wall.

Hang up your coat on the first hook, then hang your hat up on the second.

Now, just for fun, try hanging on to the third hook yourself.

You're tired, so you can only hang on for a few seconds before you let go and fall down.

Notice how no effort is needed when something is hanging up, but hanging on requires energy?

Old phones were once hung up on walls when calls were finished, which is why we still talk about hanging up the phone today even though we usually push a button to end calls.

And on phone calls, instead of asking someone to "wait for a moment," we often ask them to "hang on for a moment."

Waiting takes energy, so we ask people to hang on until we can return.
Makes sense, right? :)

This is what it means to learn a language instantly, without using your native language, or try to study any grammar tables.

I would like to send all my gratitude to Drew Badger His Fluency Course is just the best.

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Well done


Common mistakes people make, and you explained them simply. Nice.


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Good job. I am glad you are doing well in that course. Have a good one.