#ulogs 30th entry : Visiting a Farm Resort

in ulogs •  4 months ago

Hi there Steemians...for my 30th entry for Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle #ulogs I would like to share to you our experience when we visited a farm resort in Laguna.


It took us four long hours to get here, but it's all worth it the place is really beautiful and so refreshing.


I even had a chance to ride in a Carabao cart...lol.



But the most anticipating part of our visit here is to eat our lunch by the falls.




The food is so good that I forgot about my diet...lol. Good thing I skipped the rice. They got grilled fish, pork barbeque, some vegetables, beef kaldereta and my favorite this mouth watering watermelon...yummy.


It was really a nice experience for us. And we didn't let the day pass to go on bamboo rafting. My kids really enjoyed every moment we spent here. By the way they also have an infinity pool here, but sad to say I didn't get to take a photo of that..lol.




Hope you enjoyed my small tour of the place. Bye for now ;) ...

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Bamboo rafting looks like fun, thanks for sharing!

Awesome holiday! Having meals with the waterfall!!
You are not afraid of getting wet!! This is really very refreshing place to get close to nature!!