ULog#14: In the Near Future

in ulogs •  3 months ago

         Fall is an interesting season for me because it always feels like the start of a new year. Perhaps it's the school system that bestowed that perception upon me. Regardless, I've found myself finishing up more of my itinerary than the summer.

In Life

         It's been extremely busy at work due to a new workflow and some constructions around the laboratory. The sheer volume of work has noticeably increased. Despite the scrambling we do everyday, our statistics turned out beyond expectations even before any refinement to the new system. Of course, who knows what the next level of corporate greed will lead us?

         I've played a lot less games. Heck, I'm not even posting as much on here as I used to. Being preoccupied at multiple fronts rendered me to want to spend my free time doing nothing. This is reminiscent of my last year at university where my housemates and I opted for similar approach during our days off. We just sat there because we were all too burned out.

18 hours in 2 weeks? That is pretty weak.

         I've also noticed a lot of entitlement on the server which I'm an admin in lately. Above all, nobody reads. It's not a phenomenon on Steemit. I'm fairly certain it's a worldwide issue.


         Needless to say, my verdict on that was no.


In Steem

I do have a few new projects for myself on the blockchain:

  1. Abuse Series will continue. I do have a draft in the making.
  2. I have come up with the name of another series I'm writing. It will be called PhilosoFic. It will be about themes from digital media. See it as something similar to the Wisecrack channel on YouTube.
  3. Steemit Weekly is also underway! Be sure to catch the weekly publication at @steemitweekly. You are all also welcome to join its Discord.

Relevant to both

         It's college (American) football season! I will be following ESPN and @steemsports for @thesportsguy's contributions. I'm a Penn State and BYU fan, so I will be watching the games when I have time. As long as Alabama doesn't dominate again, I am cool.

I will be seeing you guys around. Take care!

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Ok so you have two readers now!
Heres my time card
Fence building 8 hrs Recovery from fence building 8 hrs
steemflagrewards discord server 60 hrs
other discord servers, working on posts and DMs 20 hrs
sleep 42 night 6 naps HEHE I love to take naps with my kids they sleep better if daddy is there. That is my story and I'm sticking to it!
Cooking and family time 24 hrs
Man I need to budget my time like I budget my capital.


Time budgeting has always been difficult. I kind of wish I was more hardline about it when my grandfather tried to discipline me into doing it efficiently.

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Sounds like you have lots of planning and preparation in place! I love fall too (or autumn as we call it here in the UK). I can't wait for all the cosy nights and changes in the colours of the trees. I am not much of a gamer, but I love to read snuggled up with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a bulldog or two to keep me warm :)
Take the time to relax before you put your plans into action!


That sounds like a relaxing approach.

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Got a lot of construction around here too. Bridges, highway even neighborhood road we go through. Got some blocked and nothing's going on. Wut?

Another week and it's officially fall. We'd be looking forward for fall break, less traffic.

Oh, and I didn't read your post. just kidding


Are there actually less traffic during fall break?


Where we live its sweet no school no traffic!
During school lite traffic.
We hardly travel when there is rush hour of the corporate slaves.

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