#ULOG 1.1 And these artworks inspired me about life

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This life is a journey.

Ayooye 20180603_211532.jpg

It is not a race, it’s not a competition, and it’s certainly not a contest of who you can please the most. This life is yours and this life is what you make of it.

I learnt recently that people come and they go and if they’re meant to be in your life, no matter how far they stray and go away, they will always find a way back to you.
A good friend once told me that when things happen or people leave or you move on, “they’re not apart of the journey anymore”. And to me that is very valuable information.


A journey is never easy and it’s never complete, and you are bound to hit bumps and lose people.


As long as you stay true to yourself , who you are and never take an opportunity to learn and grow for granted, this journey will be a changing experience, one that will be worth it.

It's @avowal

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Excellent reflection and illustrations.
To use tag ulogs let me orient you a bit.
Ulog is a publication that talks about you and how your day happened.
Please check these tips.


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