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Here I am again, having a review session. I am working now for the good with my brighter future, just claiming on it.

Today, the subject discussed was all about the application and the worded problem of Integral Calculus 02.
The subject was categories as the difficult subject in Mathematics for it involves critical and broad understanding in each application or problem. The method of solving is different from other approach.

These are the break down of the lessons ;

1. Volume of solids by revolution

two formulas and methods to consider in solving such problems,
The Circular Disc ~ revolving axis to create a circular plane figure with its upper and lower limits.
The Ring ~just forming a ring figure with its upper and lower limits with 2 inner and outer radius.

2. Length of arc

Solving through formulas

3. Surface area by revolution

Solving through first preposition of Pappus

4. Work by integration

There will be two types of problem the spring and the pump out liquid, each has its derived formulas.

5. Centroid and Moment of Inertia

Formula based solutions for such problems.

Here u go the shots captured at yours truly during review discussions above subject.


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