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Hello everyone!

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Today is my #ulogs review class for preparation of the board exam.
The subject discussed was Differential Equation.
These are the break down of important pointers to study, namely;

Formation of differential equations
Variable Separable
Homogeneous differential equation
Exact differential equation
Linear differential equation
Homogeneous DE with constant coefficients
General Applications

Differential equations is the last part of calculus that involves of both Differential and Integral Calculus.

During boardexam there are different approach on how to solve such problem in just a few minutes, by "reverse engineering" a term used to solve solution throughout the given choices since the boardexam is multiple choice. Deriving the given choices would be the best way to easily answer such problem in a shorter time considering the time consumption.
Unlike in academ students should be learn the step by step solution in answering problem in Mathematics, but during review the most important is you can effectively done in a short period of time. Different Techniques should be learned in solving.

May the lord blessed us all reviewee to make it with all of its capabilities.

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