I am a happy ulogger #ulog post for the week

in #ulogs4 years ago

it is a great honour to be a benefactor of your good deeds, I know you must have seen lots of posts to celebrate you or to appreciate the good work you have been doing but I must show my own gratitude, thanks for support @surpassinggoogle.
Today, I don't have much to say but I just want to say one thing, there is a saying in this part of the world that whatever good you're doing to other people, it will never be forgotten ,there are lots of people on this platform who doesn't care about minnows but you have always been there for us.

My simple way of saying thank you

Always thankful @surpassinggoogle

My #ulog post for the 8th time

#ulogs #ulog #uloggers #steemgigs #surpassinggoogle


you use the front camera .... the writing goes backwards hahaha
Good job my bro

Just trying to see myself and give you stress of reading.Lol,just kidding.

I like what you said there man I am here for you!

Thanks for the support

Nice to see you again @abdul1234

Thanks my friend

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