ULOG # 12: Process of my work to finish it easily

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Process of my work

When i got order to do a task immediately i started the work.
I tried to get the job finished before the deadline.
As a result i found that almost time i missed some code writing inside my programming.
Almost time remain some gap.
Then i have to review the code to follow the client requirements.
I found the bug and fixed it and next time another bug and fixed again.
It kills more time of mine. Time is very important in programming.
Not just for programmer but for all kind of work.
Then i think about a process that should be effective.
When i got order then before starting the work i note down some step.
Step how to finish the work. What is the requirement.
Is there some similar code exists or not.
Which database table should be used and with which condition match with requirements.
What are those point for outcome result. That combined at last.
I made a structure to finish the work.
By following this i got a good result. That is more effective than before.
Less error and less time killing.
I suggest to follow rules of each person's work before starting to get a better result.

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