ULOG #9 : My Diary ( Part 2 )

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Dear Diary ...

Today I started my activities by going back to school and teaching. as previously told that I teach three subjects, that are English, Indonesian and cultural arts.


And today I teach Indonesian at eight grade, lots of learning material in the first semester,that are news texts, advertisement text, poetry and so on. Coincidentally today I have entered into chapter 2, that are writing and making advertisement text, posters and slogans .




To do this activity I divided the students into several groups and then assigned them to make an advertisement, poster or slogan.Activities run well and smoothly.



These are some pictures of results of their group's work, maybe this doesn't look good or not perfect, but for myself they already want to try to make it that has become more value that I got from them ... this is the beginning of their creativity because from here they can learn more.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Best Regard



All creativity are awesome 😍
I can see their Bright futures😊
And hand writing is so neet and clean and beautiful

Thank you dear...you're right that they have wonderful future,it's why Iam really appreciate of each hard work of them ☺️

@yati, saya sangat suka postingan kamu. Salam hijau..

Terimakasih banyak bang @bonesumpal atas penghargaannya dan kunjungan ke postingan saya beserta upvoted,comment dan resteem nya ☺️

Sama-sama Cek Gu @yati..
Saya dulunya seorang aktifis lingkungan, saya selalu mengajak teman2 untuk menjaga lingkungan..
Saya sangat berterima kasih untuk buk @yati karena telah mengajarkan hal baik untuk murid2 nya. Sukses selalu buk..

Saya bisa melihat kalau bang @bonesumpal seorang aktifis...terlihat dari postingan abang yang sering menjelajahi hutan..
Terimakasih buat appresiasinya ya 😀

Oke sama2 buk @yati
Terus ajari mereka hal yang baik, ajak mereka untuk peduli alam. Sukses selalu cek gu @yati.

Beres-beres sekali itu buk guru...@yati

Terimakasih ya bang @el-nailul sudah mengunjungi postingan saya.

It is always fun to look back at what we use to do. Sometimes you see something that is why you are the person today.

yeah ... you're right @stever82, that's why I'm very grateful for what I've got to this day so that what I do can be useful for others.
Thanks to dropping by 😊

Very nice post, @yati! Keep up the good work with those kids!

Thank you @trincowski, I will do best for my students

Thank you for sharing this. Very creative approach to teaching. Keep up the good work

Thank you sir @r2cornell, Iam truly appreciate you comment...I just try to do best by make some models of learning,I want they are not feel bore with me Lol..

Keep learning interesting, which it looks like you do. :o)

Okay sir,I will remember you words..
Thanks alot to spirit that you gave to me,
May God bless you then protect you and all of you 🤗

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Adorable artworks of little jewels. Best of luck for all of them.

Thank you @sherbanu, they looks amazing by the creativity that they have.
Hey...my cutie sister,how are you?it was along time not hear about you.

Yes the last couple of weeks went busy for me @yati. Alhamdulillah doing well. & it is that you are doing good also. Stay blessed.

Great job! It is good to know that there are people who is interested in creative work and teaching other about it!

Thank you sister @esthershancez, all of the students creativity must be appreciated,isn't right! And I feel have to do best for them.

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