Another Week of Silence

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Too Much Choice

I don't really know how it happens.

I mean – in some sense I'm aware; I know days are passing – one, then two, then 5 – without the stirring of inspiration to draft a post.

It's not for lack of content. In fact, my problem is generally quite the opposite; I have far too much to draw from. I'm sure to some that may sound boastful or silly, but it's really just a microcosm of my life.

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with a certain paralysis that comes from too much choice. How could I ever have expected my Steemit experience to be any different?

Not Enough Time

The first issue is only compounded by the second. It's infinitely harder to choose when my hours feel so full of obligation.

I also struggle with time-management. I work for myself – here, in my tiny home – and I'm a pretty shitty boss.

Though I've tried for years, I have a really hard time creating and sticking to a healthy, structured schedule. So I work for hours on end, often forgetting to eat, frequently working well past midnight – which just screws up the next day...causing the pattern to continue.

Especially, when I'm working on a project with a hard deadline, as I was just more than a week ago. My life becomes entirely consumed by whatever it is I'm focused on finishing.


An Anomaly

Though I'm still shocked by this – I somehow managed to post at least once a day during the week of Burning Man. I was stubbornly determined to end the week with a complete set – at the very least, to have each weekday represented.

In case you missed that, here's 'Sunday' – the last post in the series – which links back to all those preceding it. If you're curious about Burning Man – I suggest you check it out. Be warned,'s a bit of a rabbit-hole. ;)

I can't tell you how insane I felt that week – working for at least 10 hours each day on video-editing (I'm not the fastest editor!) then scrambling to publish that day's photo set before midnight. However impressed I might be for having made it happen, it also completely drained me.

There are two posts that were meant to come at the very end that I simply couldn't get to. I still intend to post them, as they're basically the most meaningful for me, but I just couldn't do it while also finishing that video for Steem Monsters.


About That Video

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last 3 months, I'm sure you're aware of Steem Monsters – that wildly popular trading card game that has kind of taken over Steemit.

While I can't claim to be the most enthusiastic of fans (I'm just not much of a gamer), I am quite happy to be part of the team.

I've been working on designing the Campaign Book for a couple months now, but I set that aside to focus entirely on producing/creating a video for our Kickstarter campaign, which just launched last week.

I'm super proud of that video. It presented quite the challenge – working with someone across a continent was a new experience for me. I wasn't able to just pop in there with my gear and record the necessary script video. I had to make it work...rather, I had to make @aggroed work with me. I'm rather particular – he was exceptionally patient with me!

I also taught myself how to do animations. I'm not sure why it took me so long, but the inspiration to make a splintered mandala become whole (for the intro) was enough impetus to make me finally open up Adobe After Effects. Gotta love adding new tools to the belt!

Amazingly, just one week after launching, the campaign is already fully funded! We actually surpassed our goal last night. That's a really good feeling!

BM13692 2.jpg

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

All that to say – I've been a wee bit too exhausted to make myself post.

That often happens after I deliver a finished product to a client – I kinda collapse for a few days.

In most cases, I have to avoid my laptop for at least 24 hours, if not longer. It's not just a's a crucial decompression. Even on a physical level, I have to allow my eyes, wrists and back to recuperate. Too many consecutive hours at my desk is not good for my system.

Stepping away for a bit is the only way I can then dive back in – as I'm doing now. But it still may be a minute before I can muster the kind of energy required to draft an actual post.

This...this, is just a long winded, tangential explanation of why my blog has been so quiet; a rather substance-less post about not posting.

Until next time...
xo • zippy



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I get caught up into that too, I think I can do a post about that, that and that but ultimately for some reason I keep putting it off. Maybe those were the words that were lost many choices.

Sometimes I get online determined I will finally make headway then get lost in reading post and answering replies. I guess that's just natural for a blogger.


Oooh, I do know that story. I usually just chalk it up to my ADD – I'm either focused on a trillion things at once or so hyper-focused on one thing that nothing and no one else exists. It's finding the balance between those places that often proves so difficult.

I don't understand why you would think this post lacks substance. This is the very substance of a busy life!
I know you've been up to your neck in work lately, and you really should take a break when you need to, and don't worry, we'll be here when you get back from your break.


Thanks, Amber! 🤗 You’re just the loveliest. Still my #1 supporter! 💜🙌🏼🌿

agree with amber dear. thats a hecka long good post just to say you were too tired to post. which you actually did do. scratches head


That was part of the joke... 😉 But, also — it’s all about my ridiculous standards. Compared to the thoughtful intention and care I generally put into my posts, this was just a long-winded preamble — a very wordy list of excuses — to buy myself a bit more time. 🤣

Working from home is difficult.. I've been through it too and I worked insane hours. It's so different to work in the office (or any other place outside of your home).

I fully understand that posting every day and working as well completely drained you. My aim at the beginning of my Steemit journey was to post everyday but I simply can't do it. It makes me feel stressed, tired and not that happy about the platform. So I settled on 3 posts a week and 4 days of engaging and it works perfectly.

I love the video!! You did a great job with it!! Congratulations!

Take your time to rest.. we're still be here once you're back :)


Glad you like the video, @delishtreats!

I had a similar goal at the beginning of my Steemit career. I did uphold the daily posts for quite a while, then I fell off the wagon (for various reasons), and I've just had a helluva time getting back on board with the same kind of gusto. I'm learning to forgive myself. Generally speaking, I'm happy if I get a few posts out per week.

Thanks for readin!

Ugh. Life. I'm here sitting behind my laptop having pushed out a post that I felt obligated to write and is (although I don't say it out loud) my way of saying sorry I'm not posting awesome content currently. My head is fuzzy, I feel my eyes look tired, and I've done a lot today although I feel like I've done shit.

The stress of the market is creeping on me as well.

Hugs from another tired Steemian who feels they lack time to write and if time no substance <3 I've seen you around in many Discords so you're there and everyone knows it.


Thanks for the huggles, miss @soyrosa. <3

Sigh...I've a feeling we're just two out of many thousands who feel a bit over-extended. It's the nature of the world we presently live in. There just isn't much spaciousness.

Juggling Discord along with everything else is its own kind of challenge. I'm learning how to use that lovely red, 'do-not-disturb' dot, as well as simply quitting the application so as not to be so easily distracted.

Sending hugs right back atcha.

Best post about not posting that I’ve ever read. Keep not posting, then posting about it!

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right?!! LOL! I knowI'm absolutely ridiculous. ;)

I feel good about taking pictures so well.

You and I are very similar in this regard I think, as I've had the same thought too many times :).

I try to tell myself not to beat myself up because my flow is different. Maybe we don't blog as much as the next person, but they also don't work for Steem Monsters ;). And post beautiful works of art in the form of photos from Burning Man. And make/sell their own clothing line. And write/publish books!

You are a visionary of epic proportions Zippy! Keep doing you.


You're too kind, my dear Mike. <3 Thank you for seeing me. ;)

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Even your ulogs are pretty...
Bring busy is not a bad thing though


It's true...being busy is actually better for my overall well-being. Hugging you back.


Awww thanks... This has been my week absent, so hectic. But for good reasons. Hugs all the way from Spain.

I can appreciate where you're coming from @zipporah. I know I have to step away sometimes as I get mentally bogged down by writing and blogging. Thank you for sharing this post :)


Glad to know I'm in good company. It seems we're all trying to find a better balance. Thanks for reading!