My 1st #ulog dedicated to my daughter Sarah 💞

in ulog •  11 months ago

How time goes by.......


I can remember exactly the day and the hour as I stood in the hospital and had to fill out a document.

I was so nervous, instead of my name I wrote the name of my ex-wife inside....

The nurses start laughing after they read it.....

My ex-wife was heavily pregnant.........

More than 27 years ago....


Sarah grew up with with dogs, she loved them and the dogs loved her. She helped many times when the females got their babies, many of them were born in her hands...


I live now since 8 years in Thailand, but we contact very often, thanks to the internet. Sarah also visited me already many times, she loves Thailand, too.


Sarah not only like dogs, as you can see she enjoy playing and riding elephants. It's so important when children can grow up with animals, it forms the character in a very good way.


And here we are.....

From a baby to a smart and beautiful Thai Princess......

Time flies, it's unbelievable....


From Papa with love 💞.........


You heard about #ulog already?

All about #ulog:

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You have a lovely daughter, and I feel your fatherly love too.

I have two daughters of my own, they are my kryptonite. I love them so much.

Cheers my friend.


cheers @yehey ...
yes, what we are without our lovely children?
Have a wonderful weekend and best regards


Omg she's such a brave girl toI hand on an elephant like thata! I don't think I would be able to do it!!!
You did a greatgreat job raising a gem like her!

Happy Weekend to you both!


Thanks @elsiekjay, the same to you

A touching tribute. I know you probably feel this way, but personally I am so thankful technology has become what it has, then the miles don't seem so far. My daughter isn't as far away as yours, but every moment, every phone call, every message is special to me.


yes @tryskele, we can be happy to have this technology, I can remember my youth, it was not so easy to stay in contact, but anyway, it was a great time..
Best regards

Beautifully said and done. A wonderful tribute to the loved ones.


thank you very much @anayakhan !
Have a wonderful weekend

as time goes by.............

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