Laem Chabang Port 🚢 - Thailand 🇹🇭

in ulog •  5 months ago 

Hello Steemians,
yesterday I visited Laem Chabang port, one of the biggest in Thailand.

I chooses to go not there where all the huge container ships come, it's more a quiet and relaxed place where I went.

View to the hills around...

A very nice area...

The boat people just woke up and started their work...

A view from a hill to Laem Chabang...

Have a wonderful day

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hello, great place, thailand is one of the places I want to travel to know, I love their culture and the traditions they have in the country, thank you for sharing your experience, that motivates me to visit this great country

Yes, it's really a beautiful country with friendly people.
Have a great day

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