ULOG #11: A Reflection on the Idiom" There's no Place like Home"

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Hello Steemian? How are you ? Lately, I had been having a personal travel myself. As a student who is studying far away from home its definitely a very tiring one. But during my trip I realized something special. That is home is everything and there's nothing can be more special than our own place, right?

Home is Where the a heart is...


In our life, we come to a point in which we explore and travel. We reach far places, exotic destinations, million miles away from home. We experienced great things but let's admit the fact that home is still we are looking forward to at the end of the day.

Probably for me, One of the main reasons why there is no place like home is that staying where you grew up gives me the sense of familiarity. The feeling of being familiar and relax to the place you're in.

The Comfort of a Family

If you´re emotionally close to your family in a way, then that is best good argument for believing that home is best place. The comfort of family is different and very special. When you move away, it implies that you can really miss them and miss out on enjoying their company, the moment with them and their presence of course.

Home is also the place where you have established strong connection and relation with everyone. Moving away means starting again and finding a new set of friends.

The Sense of Belonging

Another important thing we feel is the sense of belonging. Basically it signifies the means of acceptance as a natural member of the community.I can see and feel that happiness is involved there. A key component in which we can conclude that there's no place like home is when we are establishing and maintaining relatedness to others, socially, the environments, and to ourself.

Overall Happiness

The level of well-being and happiness we feel in our own place is as beyond satisfying. As home becomes our little sanctuary of comfort and familiarity.It’s a cozy, low-stress space of satisfaction that brings joy to our heart. Home provides and evokes us with a tethered sense of identity which makes it extra special.


Our identity as a human can be very firmly linked to the area in which we grew up, and where our family come from and the roots we are in a particular area can have great significance and impact for any of us – as we feel a strong connection.

Our home is a place where we can feel safe, be comforted and cherished. Our home is the place where we can be free and feel secure. There is something special and unexplained feeling you feel when you enter home, right?

The joy and pleasure we feel at home is beyond incomparable. As grow older we find that our home and family are the true sources of happiness. Most of our pleasant associations and great memories are often connected with our homes. For most of us, we like to remember our childhood, the gold old days and imagining the loveliness of moments shared together. That's why there is no place like home.

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