ULOG: 7 "A student stab his teacher after being advised in central tapanuli"

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A student had the heart to stab his own teacher because he did not accept his parents being called to school.

This incident occurred at SMK 1 Sorkam, Central Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra, Saturday morning at around 09.30 WIB.

As a result of the stabbing of AP players who were still sitting on the tenth grade, the automotive teacher PPS (40) had to be rushed to FL Tobing Sibolga Hospital to get treatment.

Central Tapanuli Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Hari Setyo Budi confirmed ANTARA through AKP Reskrim Invisible Doni Nainggolan explained that the stabbing occurred because the perpetrator was upset with his teacher who told his parents to attend school.

"From the results of the development that the perpetrator is a bandal student. The victim told the perpetrators to take their parents to school. And at break time the victim asks the perpetrator why his parents did not attend school. The victim asked that they both face the principal. When it was about to leave for the principal's office, the perpetrator stabbed the victim, "explained the Head of Reskrim while adding that the perpetrator had brought a knife in his bag.

While the position of the current perpetrator has been secured at the Sorkam police station.

Before the victim was rushed to FL Tobing Sibolga Hospital, he had received treatment at the Gonting Mahe Health Center. After that, it was only referred to FL Tobing Hospital.
According to Public Relations of FL's Tobing Tigor Panuturi Tambunan Hospital, the victim's condition has begun to recover. Even though the victims are still being intensively treated. And the wound on the abdomen will be sewn.

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