ULOG: 15 "The State Electricity Company (PLN) Successfully Repaired 7 Electrical Substation (GI) in Palu, Sigi and Donggala"

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Img source : ptpir.com

PT PLN (Persero) managed to repair 7 substations (GIs) in Palu, Sigi and Donggala. The 7 GIs were GI Talise, GI Sidera, GI Silae, GI Poso, GI Pamona, GI Pasangkayu, GI Parigi.

Previously, after the earthquake that hit Palu and Donggala on Friday (28/9), PLN operated 36 generators scattered at several points in Donggala to temporarily restore the electricity system there.

"Last night (6/10) electricity in Donggala was successfully supplied from the Pasangkayu Substation (GI). This is a bright spot to re-illuminate Donggala. Currently we are also focusing on gradually being able to improve all electricity infrastructure in Donggala due to the It was also quite difficult to go through, "said PLN Sulawesi Regional Business Director Syamsul Huda in a written statement on Sunday (10/07/2018).

The Donggala community also gave their appreciation to PLN. Donggala District Court Chief Djainuddin Karanggusi said that since last night electricity in his area (Donggala) had been lit. "Thank you PLN for struggling to restore electricity in Palu and Donggala," he said.

In addition, until now the PLN joint team has succeeded in recovering
all GIs operate 100%, on the other hand 35 out of 45 feeders in Palu have also been operating. Of course this will boost the peak electricity consumption in the city of Palu, while some electricity in Sigi has also been successfully ignited by the PLN joint team.

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