ULOG: 01 "Komodo Airport Road Projects Are constrained by Land"

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Komodo Airport Road Construction, Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), is still hampered by land.

PPK Labuan Bajo National Road Yosua B Anarato said the construction of the national road was 9.5 kilometers, with a budget of Rp 46 billion.

"The road is divided into four segments namely segments 1,2,3 and 4. Only segment 4 has no problem, while the other three segments are constrained by land," Joshua told reporters on Tuesday (09/18/2018).

Yosua explained, segment 1 is 250 meters long and crosses land claimed by two residents. Because there has been no land settlement, the road has been blocked by residents since August 2018, so there is no more road work activity.

Next, segment 2 is 220 meters across land claimed to belong to a citizen. This land is in a barred condition using wood, exactly the same as the road in segment 1.

Furthermore, the road in segment 3, along 802 meters, was also blocked by residents since early 2018. While segment 4 is 400 meters long, not blocked by residents.

"Against the road blocking, I have ordered the contractor to immediately withdraw all work and operational equipment because it will have a negative impact," said Joshua.

With the road blocking, it is certainly very influential on the mobility of citizens, tourists, and businesses.

The reason is, the road that was built is headed for a number of star hotels in Labuan Bajo.

Regarding the land issue, Joshua has approached the local government and the regent who promised to settle it immediately.

Yosua hopes, in the near future all [land problems can be overcome, because if it takes too long it will hamper work.

"The point is that I pursue an effective target in accordance with the 9.5 kilometer Budget Implementation List (DIPA) must be fulfilled," said Joshua.

According to Yosua, if the three segments are still in trouble, it will use the jumping system, because it is pursuing targets in accordance with DIPA.

This means that it will not be useful because there are a number of spots that are blocked and not free and not open to the public.

The impact is certainly not functioning optimally and the loss is the community.
This land issue is the responsibility of the West Manggarai regional government, so that it does not budget funds for compensation.

Previously Yosua said, there was a guarantee from the West Manggarai regional government, that this road was not problematic.

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