ULOG #43: My Precious Gems, Thanks for Making Us Proud

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"It is said that every achievement in life is worth looking back at and worth being proud of."

Yes, I am indeed a proud mom.

I was supposed to post this yesterday but because I was so tired from our Induction of Officers for the Children in school. I fell asleep early with my phone in my hand and just started writing but haven't been able to finish.

Yesterday was the First Quarter Recognition Day of my Son. He never fail to make us proud as he always top his class. I am really thankful for having good kids and responsible ones. He was also one of the advanced readers in his class.




I am so blessed with smart kids as them which makes us very thankful and so happy. As a mother and a teacher, I actually do not put pressure with their studies. I allow them to play and learn on their own and I encourage them to just enjoy their childhood. So whenever they receive awards because of their own hard work, I feel great because I know they did their best and they deserve it.

They are also chosen to be leaders in their class and the school. They were inducted as officers in their class, clubs and the supreme pupil government of the school.





There was a party after the ceremony. All the kids enjoyed it. I was really drained yesterday as we were the ones in charged of the program. We were able to go home at 8pm so after I fell asleep early.


Even though I was so tired and still sleepy, I had to wake up very early today because I need to attend a Sports Training for Coaching in Volleyball.



I will be coaching the Volleyball players (Boys) who will represent our District for the Upcoming Area Sports Meet which will be held probably next week. The training will end on Friday. I am excited for our drills tomorrow and of course the practicum and actual game among us coaches on the last day. Sad thing is our venue has a really poor internet signal so it's hard for us to be connected online.

Anyways, I think that would be all for today. I still need to prepare my things for tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by!




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It looks like you are a great mom you raise your child great kapatid. Goodluck always to you journey by the way do you have a byteball?

Do you have a byteball kabayan?

thank u @teardrops for that cute token...hihihi mwhaaaah 😘😘😘


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