Ulog2| Eid feels 😍

in ulog •  7 months ago

hey guys wassup🙋

here is my 2nd #ulog. Right now time is 12.45 a.m so we are already entered into Holy day. The day Muslims celebrate and sacrifice animals to feed poor for free. well, em not gonna preaching you about this day but em gonna share my preparations for eid😍.

last night I just got done with my mehndi (henna). I made a video but I honestly don't know how to share a personal video on steemit without going on youtube or Dtube. so I just converted my video into giphy gif and now sharing 🤣🤷.

Wait guys where are you going 🙄 em gonna share surprise gift with you

umm surprise gift🤨🤔 yeah today my brother gimme a surprise

what is inside🤨🤔







wow cocolates😍

panda chocolates are my favourite😍😍😍


this is it see you guys take care ;)

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Gimme my own chocolate too😂😂 when you mean brother I hope its Bernard 🤗
Btw beautiful henna design and gif✌️


Lol benard is not my real brother you know that😋 and i dont share my chocolates with anyone😋😋

I hope you remember my beef


Seriously i wish i could send u lol em seeing beef everywhere so much mutton amd beef and u know i dont like mutton plus beef so i ate pizza today instead of meat😂😂😂

Fantastic, please post through ulogs.org

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