Ulog1| i will post what i want to🤷

in ulog •  3 months ago

Hey guys wassup🙋

Em trying first-time #Ulog tag I heard about this tag so much. what did I find about this tag? or maybe it could be my understanding level you guys may think differently. so this is just my thinking. #Ulog tag is basically about your life happenings you can share good happenings of your life with the community. Or if you are losing your interest in steemit please try to consider #Ulog

Well I @xawi is not an essay writer so please don't expect this from me 🤣
At the time when I'm writing this post, it's been at midnight for 3 o clock 😳. I'm not feeling sleepy so em writing post :p well I thought why not share pictures of last night dinner .

well to be honest when you are with your family you can't take pictures of food😢. they literally insult you while doing such things 😢. well i took some shots without knowing them so plz bear picture quality with me🙄


Buttler's cafe

Guess how i have taken this picture 🙄.
well food was super awesome

Can anyone tell me what was a menu? excluding pizza :p

But these calories don't count okay 🤣


This is surprise for you guys 😃🙈🙈

Alright good nightzzz see yaaa now em feeling sleepy😴😴

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