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The ability to listen and hear what a person is actually saying is a skill that should be regarded and cherished. It takes a real depth of communication with yourself to see and hear between the lines...or more aptly put - "you're able to hear clear and not get caught up in trying to make sense of things by attempting to read between the lines and speculate".

It's quite fascinating actually - the amount of things we say to each other in our conversations - I mean there's under-tonnes at times...and stuff that emerges from the unconsciousness of mind...and the more conversation you have with someone the more is revealed into the intricacies of the individual's character - it's fascinating how everyone is so much a like and also yet, each so different and individual.

I enjoy communicating with people. I find I learn so much. I learn about the individuals and I also learn more about myself as a result of the awesomeness of self-reflection that is here always in sharing.

"Bring it back to self"....The art of self-reflection. It's in this way that I challenge myself in the questions I ask myself. Sometimes the reflection is not pretty. In fact it's quite ugly at times. It's not about whether the reflection is pretty or ugly. It's about being real with myself and facing everything, the best and the worst of myself. It's important to face any self-consciousness and get over any reactions to things that are less than our best...because it's not to fight our weaknesses. It's difficult to turn a weakness into a strength when you are in denial about your very weakness.

A real strength is within owning weakness.

When we take responsibility for the weakness/injuries/ailments within ourselves, a whole new world opens up - filled with possibilities and new found strength. It's a point of nurturing our nature....self-healing....growing....maturing....evolving. Embracing and becoming Change itself.

Sometimes the best things we can give are not the prettiest but will do the best job in supporting. It's an important reminder for me that in being real in my communications, sometimes people will take offense and lose themselves for a moment in the mind of their own inner emotional turmoil. When someone is going through emotional turmoil and you are close with the individual the three things that have supported me most are: "patience, compassion and persistence."

Patience because you allow the individual to take as much time as they need...not forcing them to do anything.

Compassion because you're sensitive to the insensitivity and you know it's a process in facing the most sensitive, delicate bits of our character/identity.

Persistence because you know that's how you like to be treated - there is no giving up and so you'll gladly be the one to initiate and engage...realizing equally, that it's not to keep pushing if it's just too much for the individual. Fine line between pushing and not pushing...how much to push. We all need a good push sometimes.

Our "patience, compassion and persistence" that we cultivate within, flows outward into the world as our external relationships. There really is a lot of depth to the statement:

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Everything Great always comes from and develops through very humble begining's. Cheers to our humble begining's and the journey's of Life and the processes of Self-Discovery.

"Learning is a 24/7 kind of Listening and Responding...It's our natural playing ability....the ability to play without first thinking how to play" This regard and overall appreciation for our natural playing/learning ability keeps me grounded in keeping on with making plays from day to day as the expressions of me here.

  • I realize when I get bothered about something and if I hold on to that bother it becomes a burden of sorts and that restrains my ability to live my best life...it's like there's this restraint in the play/life itself...the ability to learn and grow becomes compromised and that's a siren single for, "wow now....adjustments....refinements...bit of change is needed -

  • I Forgive the energy to the bother/burden....it becomes less of a pulling or a sucking like thing. The realization and awareness becomes clear that the bother/burden was simply an experience that happened and so life goes on - Realizing it's about: what did I learn from the experience - what insights come through - how did I create this - how can I prevent this - what can I carry with me as new found supportive insight.

  • The big question to test my effectiveness in self-forgiveness is to check my gratitude - Am I grateful for the difficult experiences I faced? If there is resistance in the living of gratitude there's a bad attitude in me somewhere that I am resisting to let go of.....funny how this works as a cross reference to 'check yo self'.

  • It took me a long while to realize that vulnerability can be experienced as "sucking" at times when you put yourself out there and share without any real expectation and the person you are sharing with totally judges you and reacts and regards you as inferior in some way. I've had such experiences and it confused me greatly. I became sad. I became burdened with the experience of "did I do something wrong"....thinking myself now, "guilty". Here - important reminder to realize that the feedback we get from another is always a reflection of where they are at and what they are going through in their life. Our sharing and connecting with others for better or worse is a result of ourselves and the lives we've lived up until now.

Cheers to STEEM POWER and this ongoing incredible world wide social experiment!

Decentralized Media Broadcasting is the Future - Sharing Because You Want to

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  • What I like about this social experiment, is the fact that it's success is directly dependent on ordinary people everywhere - where there's a willingness to say,

"Yes - I accept a weekly payment for being a human being to cover my basic costs of Existing Here." @worldclassplayer





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The art of communication is a lost art. I think social media has hurt our youth in being able to communicate with one another. Personally, my wife says I'm not the best communicator, which I agree, I'm pretty straight forward, insensitive at times and interrupt without allowing her to finish her sentence.

The beauty of it all is anyone can improve their communication, but only if they try.

Listen and respond to that:)

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cheers dude - had not heard about this - thanks for sharing - will check it out!


Hey if you use the link in my post to download the wallet we both get 80$, I could use some extra cash:) Hope you as well!


ok cool - will get to it today


Mahh man Bossman!