Inspiration through Perspiration - Day 3 of 21 Day Challenge

in #ulog2 years ago

These 5 words listed below were brought to my attention today as the 5 main different types of relationships that are important to people...I don't know how the data was collected in coming about these findings....but I found the words to bee cool none the less and I decided to make note of them.

  • Appreciation - Our living of gratitude as the greatest living attitude - sharing it immensely.

  • Physical Touch - Regard for physical reality here. Physical Movement.

  • Receiving Gifts - Pro For Giving - Self-Forgiveness is KEY + Living Words.

  • Quality Time - Our best moment to moment management. Making the most of what we got here.

  • Acts of Service - Sharing is Caring

I made up my own word plays for each type of relationship here. Will see how things go as we continue within the Inspiration through Perspiration 21 Day Challenge.

I realize I am in the process of making radical changes for my best benefit. It's a day to day play I'm working on.

I've come to realize that I've held onto a lot of self-limiting beliefs about myself...and I've made the decision to drop the dead weight and work myself out for my best benefit.


Different types of relationships you say, huh! From my own experience I'd agree that physical touch, Acts of service and quality time are important relationships with people. I just didn't realise that appreciation was also part.

ya for different people.....these are like the top for some...Appreciation is number 1.....and for others it's physical touch or acts of service.

Ideally we integrate a strong living of all of these things :)

I love the word, acts of service, it's what we should do once we gain experience and mature in life...which in turn makes a better society.

Quality Time and Physical Touch. Both of them.

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