#ulog Be True 2 YOU: My Productive Day

in ulog •  last year 

Hi there @uloggers and friends! How are you doing right now? Are you having a great day? Well, me? I am thankful for this another day that God has given to me to meet different kinds of people in different places.

I came to a place where I found peace because of its natural creations God has created. Tgis place is somewhere in Samburon Iligan City. It is a seaside place where you can take a rest for a moment. You can hear every sounds of the waves, children's playing at the seashore, families bonding together, fishes in different kinds and so many more.

I do really love beach. Though this place is not as beautiful as Boracay, but the peaceful feeling is here.

I took a photo of this happy kiddo playing with his toys enjoying every moment of summer. Since there is no classes, they have time to play with other kids as well. I love his innocent smile.

*We took photo together. ULOG said that we are a celebrity but this times, this kiddo is the celebrity and I am his fan.

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