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Last night, there was a revelation in my life. I thought about things that I didn’t think about before. Like how I have been running my life wrong for the past 10 years.

I cannot believe that a decade has passed since I started out on my own. I mean I should be somewhere by now.

My friend Kee Siak has already built an excellent web hosting company called Exabytes. Obama has come and gone. Najib was been ousted. My classmate Jho Low is now the most wanted man in Malaysia. I don't know how he even became like a fugitive. But he is my friend. Even if he has done some terrible things.

Apple has already gone through more than 10 upgrades of its iPhone.

The world has changed over the course of a decade and I don’t see myself changing as much as it.

I think that all of us are in the midst of change one way or the other every single year. We just aren’t aware of it, even if we think we haven’t changed much in that period of time.

I would love to change right this instant like in a flash. But I feel that maybe its not when, but whether it happens at all.

KLCC Bachelorette Party Driver

I went to KLCC when BabyBoo was having her bachelorette party and bumped into my ex-colleagues at the an Apple Premium Reseller when we were working then 6 years ago.

They are now in a Sony Store. Adam has been working in the Sony Store for 3 years already but was in the KLCC store just for 2 days. It was awesome just to see him and another colleague Wan. It’s just great being around people you love to talk about anything that you share in common.
Surprisingly, neither of them knows anything about Apple Arcade, the gaming service that is coming out for Apple, or Apple TV Plus. I wanted them to sign up with me because I want to save on cost. But so far, there has been no reply at all.

I am going to try to get people to subscribe to Apple Arcade. Anyone out there that wants to share the same account can message me here. It lets up to 6 people share the same account.

I will blog more about the Apple Arcade in a post coming up this week.


Life has been going just upward after meeting BabyBoo and I am marrying her this coming September in the church.

Many things are on the horizon. There is just another 148 more days till 2020. I’m sure there will be lots to do before then.

SteemFest is coming up. So I have to budget and do what I can to get myself to Bangkok this November.

It’s all just fun and life is just and always will be….


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