Ulog #4 - The USD$700 Fan

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So so so tired

I slept in my car for 12 hours. Yes.. You read this right. It was a Saturday night. I decided to go to Bath and Body Works to get some body wash, candles and hand soaps because I was running out. I got to the place and couldn't spend a dime. It was already 9:40 PM and I just left without getting anything. I got into the car, reclined my seat and went to sleep. I slept so soundly, I can barely believe that when I opened my eyes it was already dawn. I had slept in the car for the whole night. I got up to look around. There were 2 cleaning vehicles cleaning the parking lot. Other than that, the whole car park was empty.

What went on this past few days was crazy. I worked all night on Thursday, putting in the hours. Then there has to always be a crash. Friday was still just a-okay with no signs of any problems. Wow! Saturday hit and I was dead! I mean I cannot do any work at all! That was a major blow to my schedule. It was equivalent of killing all your muscles at the gym. I couldn't seem to do any work at all.


The whole of Saturday and Sunday, I was burnt out! But not to worry... it is already a Monday. And I am back up working! That is a record. Usually with burnouts, I'll be paralysed for at least a week. But this time, I am up and running again. This calls for celebration. dances around singing the Celebration song

Bath and Body Works Splurge


When I woke up, I was freaking out. Yes, I've slept in car parks before. But sleeping in my own car park doesn't count. Not to say, parking by the roadside also because it doesn't cost anything. I was in the Sunway Pyramid parking lot for more than 13 hours already! I was going to die!!! RM30+ would be a miracle!


I got myself to Bath and Body Works and decided I should just get all that I want. Better make the parking worth it! I got all that I want for the rest of the year and probably till semi annual sale in June next year. I've scattered the pictures of what I bought throughout the rest of this post.


When I got out of the car park, I saw what I had to pay. RM19. Super miracle!

The WorQ Camp

The WorQ camp has been going on since Thursday. It is lasting till this coming Tuesday. Yes it was an awesome start. I ran too fast too soon. The machine broke down as soon as Saturday hit. But downtime is a minimal and record breaking. I am at it again on Monday. 2 days of downtime. That's really fast recovery.

I am already behind time a lot. That's like 2 lost days of 48 hours without work! I tried messaging my lecturer to request for a consultation. But her phone is either off or she is on her way back to Malaysia from Frankfurt. I just hope that I get to show her my work before submission is done next Tuesday. Or else I am gonna be so screwed!

I have been here since last Tuesday in WorQ UOA Business Park. By far, Sunday was the hottest day with almost no air conditioning. I am still trying to get used to the temperature here. With the air conditioning being at a minimum with no feel of the air flowing, I have to be taking a lot of baths and drinking lots of cold water to bear the heat.

But so I thought, well... might as well get a Dyson Pure Cool in order for me to bear the heat.

The Dyson Pure Cool Review


I wanna just go nuts and swear my head off to buying this Dyson Pure Cool fan. That night, I transported the Dsyon fan to the office and when I returned home, I was questioning everything I am doing at this point. I was going haywires. But I will keep my "cool" and tell you all the good things about this FAN before going nuts telling you why I was going to go mad for buying it.

This Dyson Pure Cool FAN is super sleek. As you can see, the design is awesome, it purifies the air and has a cool app to go with the fan. There is another FAN like this from Coway and it costs the same as the Dyson (RM2800+). So I thought this might be a better buy.

This Dyson Pure Cool FAN tells you the temperature of the room and purifies the air by taking in pollens, dust, nitrogen oxide and all sorts of pollutants to clean and provide clean air that will be great to any human beings that need to breathe. All of us need to breathe and so one's well being is taken care of.

The app that accompanies the fan also is easy to use and is very well designed that the registration of warranty happens when you log on. The app houses the controls and the daily/weekly reports of air quality.

The Dyson Pure Cool Fan provides a very updated and sleek design for a fan of the future and thus makes it the fan that you have to get if you love a good looking designer fan for your office or home.

When I bought it last night and put it in my room, I was going to go crazy because the fan DOES NOT cool the air down.

I repeat. The fan DOES NOT cool the air down. I got the wrong idea that it can be like an air conditioner that cools the air down. Mom was telling me not to buy it because it is not good. I had no idea what she meant. Then when I bought it, I figured out what she was trying to say. IT IS A VERY EXPENSIVE FAN! Sometimes, we know that something is bad but do not know how to put it in words. If she had told me... it is just a fan, I'd still buy it and say to myself... IT IS JUST A FAN!!!

The thing is... this is just like a fan with superior features.

So, in other words. I bought a RM2.8k fan!

For a moment, I was going berserk what I had just bought. But after cooling down, I have to accept what I bought and then I find that it isn't that bad after all.

Considering the design and the fresh air that I get, I feel this is the coolest thing I have ever bought and I'm thrilled to be using this for years to come.

There is a 2 year warranty for this fan. Hopefully, it will last more than 5 years. Please God. Make haste to help us.


Showing you some love from your favorite @welcomewagon Quad Squad!

I totally understand about crashing. There have been so many times I have gone to bed at 6pm just because I was exhausted. Maybe you should invest in a hammock so you can crash in a cool atmosphere! So glad you were able to get some rest.

spoken like an expert from the Hammock Queen! hehehe (or King. is this Ren or Scott? heheh)

You are now a fan expert! LOLOL and i hope you got caught up on all your sleep!! :)

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