ULog 110 29 September 2019 - The Dark Side of Humanity

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The world out there might be going crazy like how Hong Kong turns into a war zone every weekend, military forces of China is building up in the South China Sea and I have no idea what is going to happen next. The rain falls every now and then getting people in the streets drenched when it was sunny just a few minutes ago when they left home and walking happily along the streets without an umbrella.

How are we supposed to protect ourselves from the outside world that we do not have any form of control?

We just do what we can and live our lives the way we want it.

Sulli a member of F(x), a Kpop girl band a few weeks ago. A Male kpop boy band from the same label I auditioned for also left the same way not too long ago. They have been victims of cyberbullying. Even with high profile people dying the way thousands of people in the US do because of this cause, there is still a lack of awareness that we as people do not seem to understand. That we should be nice to each other and kinder to those that we do not understand. People don't get killed in the war zone. People are killed by kids who have fun making fun of others.

The world and humanity is regressing in our spirit and humanity. We aren't any better than the caveman who kills only animals and not their fellow human beings.

There is a kid who is fighting climate change that a lot of kids from her own country go on strike. She spoke out against those that are causing climate change. The speech is as it is. A kid who is angry and lashing out at people who are responsible, vowing not to forgive those who make the world worse than it has been. She is a kid and I understand this form of expression. But worse part of it all is that she is being encouraged that her ways are to be supported.

When a kid is supported and shown admiration for what she does, she will do it even more.
When a kid is popular and start cyberbullying, her peers admiration only encourages more cyberbullying to take place. More kids will die and more innocent people will have lost their lives for the fun of others.

You don't really feel any loss until you experience it yourself. What if your best friend died because of cyberbullying? Would you only finally realise that what you do is wrong?

Religion can always be a remedy. But when the pope cannot even put a dent to the evil ways of corporations, the question about what can be done emerges.

One person can never change the world.

It takes the whole world to participate to make things happen.

We don't need one Buddha. We need the Buddha in everybody to awaken to somehow change the fate of this Earth.

We cannot reverse the climate change process. But if all of us do our part, we can stop the Earth from dying and live a little longer to ensure that God’s creation continues to exist.

God bless.

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