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Asalam -U- Alaikum dear Steemians, hope all of you will be having a good time. A very happy and blessed Ramadan Mubarak to all of the Muslims out there. May Allah be very merciful and kind to all of you.

So today I.ll be sharing some tips about How yo write an attractive blog in order to catch some users' attention. 

If you really give it a shot then you'll know that writing a blog is like driving a car you cannot just listen the advises all the time, you really should give it a try. You need to write an awesome blog in order to earn money here on steemit platform or anywhere you are attached. So I'll be teaching you guys some useful tips about Blog writing. So lets get down to business.

 READY? Lets get started ......


  1. First of all choose a hot or trending topic and then create an outline for it, make some research about it.
  2. Headline should be attractive and eye catching.
  3. Use images to enhance the impact factor of your post. Important part
  4. Write your post in a sequence manner. Don't write in one paragraph. Make it worth reading and seeing by making headings and by numbering it.
  5. Edit your blog post if needed. Words or sentences should not be repetitive. Have someone else to read it and get a feedback. Don't be afraid to edit or cut the things in your post.


It requires a couple of hours to find a hot topic and to summarize it and to make it an attractive one like to choose a flashing headline and related stuff. It is useful to spend some vital hours in order to get a reward. Many new bloggers overlook the planning process, and while you might be  able to get away with skipping the planning stage, doing your homework  will actually save you time further down the road and help you develop  good blogging habits.

"Many new bloggers overlook the planning process, and while you might be able to get away with skipping the planning stage, doing your homework will actually save you time further down the road and help you develop good blogging habits.

  • Choose topic that interests you
  • No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader
  • Do your research

  • Write and outline for your post ( Introduction. Middle part, Conclusion)
  • Check your facts


Be more specific about the topic or you can write and abstract.

"Some headlines practically write themselves"

You can either decide the headline before you write the rest of your post or you can drag it till the end and see what fits the most.


 Oftentimes, people simply don’t have the time, will, or ability to focus  on lengthy blog posts without some visual stimulation. Even a  well-formatted blog post consisting solely of text is likely to send  your reader screaming back to Facebook or Twitter within minutes, which is  why it’s so important to include images in your posts. 

  • Images will help your post to flow more speedily and effectively.
  • Images makes the complex topics into the easier ones.
  • Any type of image would work such as, Flow charts, diagrams any high graphics images etc.

"This image has nothing to do with blogging post"


So you have done your research and choosed the fantasizing headline and now moving on to the writing part. So get to it. 

 Be sure to actually turn your computer on before you start writing :-P

Try posting in one session so you don't forget the crucial topics  and also lets you get the damned thing out of your hair faster. Be more focused to this part.  Like most skills, writing becomes more easier when you do it more and more. Be natural about your writing and be yourself. Don't try to give it a height, just be what you are.


After writing one paragraph try reading it again to check if any word is to be replaced.  Make sure your words doesn't appear more and more. Identify the words that you are repeating and replace them with some other words or their synonyms. (Works perfectly)

  1. Keep sentences short.
  2. Keep paragraphs short.
  3. Mesmerize your audience continuously, don't let them drag away.
  4. Read your post aloud if you want to.


Ask someone with experience to proof-read your post so you can learn from the pointed mistakes. It can be grammatical mistakes or sentences mistakes so learn from it if it occur and try not to repeat such mistakes again.


So that's all I wrote

  • I research 
  • I spend time
  • I learn many things

Thanks a lot for reading ......

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'Alaykumussalaam. thanks for sharing this such useful articles. thank you very much.

Not a problem. Thanks for your comment. Appreciated

Awesome guideline, i'll be keep on that :-)

Gladly appreciated 😊

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