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Good day everyone, I will like to talk about my day which was stressful due to the activities done in my working place , am ordered by my boss to have a marathon class for some set of student who are having their post-utme examination into university on Friday and Saturday, the marathon class started from 9am in the morning and ended 5pm in the evening in which we trash out 3 subjects which are
However the marathon teaching was conducted to improve the students and prepared them to perform well in their coming examination, some of the students we be going to ekiti state on Friday where their test will be conducted in SCHOOL OF NURSING IDO ani
Here are the pictures



Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for giving us the privileged to express our self through ulog

I love ulog



Whoa, so you say you are helping teach the "marathon session," or you are studying for it? Either way, sounds like some hard work. I went to university myself for 6 years, (4 undergrad, 2 graduate) and so I know all about marathon studys lol. (I also did some teaching in graduate school which is a loooot of work!! too much for me haha)

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