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Learning to sew is challenging.Most of us will come across obstacles that ebb and flow within a lifetime of sewing projects.But,the fun part about of sewing is learning how to overcome those obstacles.Well,sewing is one of my favorite things to do.And I want to be one of yours too.

Hello #uloggers,allow me to share my 6.0 #ulog story of this day.Now,allow me to share one of my best output in sewing.


Just this morning,my cousin Karla texted me that she need a dress for here upcoming debu party.So I directly went into the market and look for a fabric.I was so excited to show my skills in sewing,and I want to show how passionate I am in terms of sewing.After completing all the materials that I need,I went home.At first,I dont know where to start!But I have to be hurry because my cousin Karla need the dress tomorrow.So,I immediately draft the pattern and cut the fabric then I start!.I fell so excited while making the dress.After an hour,I finished it.Just take a look my dear #uloggers.


I keep on crossing my hand that Karla my cousin,will like this dress that I made for her.What can you say my dear #uloggers?I hope that my experience is enough to be called as a perfect sewer or a perfect dress maker.

I believe that experience is the best teacher,but it doesn't have to be your experience.You can learn from experience of others.So lets get to it.

Once again,this has been @thian2817 your dress maker of today.

Certified #ulogger,


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