My third #ulog. Inaugurating the Bolas Criollas tournament

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First of all a cordial and warm embrace to my friends steemians, I want to share my experience during the inauguration of the championship of Creole Balls, where I participate with my team of Engineers, we will try to win the championship.


During the parade I had the honor to share with my friends @zulayka, @mavi1, @yayamorales, @napi1, @idgonzalez, @cherremeque and @elguayanes (these last two teammates)


This sport is one of my favorite hobbies, what I like most about this discipline is that they can enjoy both adults and children, without distinction of sex and age, all that is required is to have the desire to have a good time and a little concentration at the time of playing.


I share with you some images where you can see passages of the moves made during the game, where our captain marks the way where he recommends the player to throw the ball, in order to achieve the goal of placing it as close as possible to the mingo (lead sphere that is placed and of which each team aims to leave as many balls of the same color close to it). In our first meeting, we faced the team of IUTJAA workers (professors of a University Institute located in Tigre), after an exciting meeting, we were defeated 12-8. Then I will continue to give you details of the progress of this tournament, we will continue to show the best of us to qualify and achieve the championship.


As I have mentioned in previous publications, I recommend you to practice this sport with your friends and family, have a good time, everyone can participate, you only need a space of compact sand (at least you can roll the balls), I assure you that once you learn it, it will change your life, I hope you like my contribution today.

Thank you and see you next time.

These photos are my own, taken with my Samsung J1 Miniprime phone.



Muy gratos momentis que vivimos cuando iniciamos un nuevo campeonato de ese deporte que tanto nos gusta y nos permite cosechar buenas amistades . Gracias por compartirlo

Gracias por tu apoyo @zulayka, de acuerdo con usted, se pasan momentos agradables y conocemos nuevas amistades.

excelente mi hermano es el segundo post que leo sobre tu pasión sobre este deporte, fuerte abrazo.

Es un pasatiempo agradable, se practica mucho acá en El Tigre, se lo recomiendo. Saludos.

Saludos @thetiger, el entretenimiento deportivo es vital y necesario para la salud. Un Abrazo

Asi es amigo, hay que practicar algún deporte por nuestra salud física y mental, gracias por tu apoyo.

Gracias por compartir esos momentos de alegría y entusiasmo para competir en otro campeonato. Me encanta. Gracias thetiger .

Gracias por tus agradables palabras amiga @yayamorales, suerte con tu participación en este campeonato.

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