Ulog #6: I have Flu and Colds for Almost 1 Week

in ulog •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hi friends! How is everyone? I wish you all are healthy and doing fine. This is I guess the longest time that I feel sick for 5 consecutive days already since I arrived in Dubai. 5 days ago, I just feel that I have sore throat then the next day, I have colds and afterwards I got flu.


I dont want to file for a sick leave for as long as I can manage to go to work, I would always do even before when I was working in Philippines. Today is my first off.

Plenty of medicines that I take already, paracetamol, bioflu, biogesic and this one is the last, panadol for my colds. I still have flu and colds and I don't want to take medicines again cause since before I am not used of taking a lot of medicines. I am thinking that maybe I just needed rest.


Before I went to sleep this morning, my roomie @drueeey gave me some massage and put some pain killer on my body to make me relaxed and will get a nice sleep. Gladly, I had a good sleep. Praying that I will be okay on the next coming days. I really hate being sick.

This is my 5th #ulog for today. Have a nice day, guys! And always remember that health is wealth. Take care!

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Aww I hope you feel better real soon!. It's no fun to be sick. I'm glad drueeey took good care of you with a massage and pain killers so you could rest. Hopefully you are starting to feel better now! :)

Hi po @kenny-crane. ☺️ Thanks a lot! I will be fine soonest. Yeah, She is like a real sister to me cause she is taking care of me when I am not well. She actually prepare my food and medicines. I am so blessed that she has been my roomie and a best friend..

Get well @theree2389 :)

Thank you, sis! 😊

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uy gwapa get well very quick., c teddy mo oh naghibi na, ngaa daw may flu ka.hehehe God Bless gwapa.

Get well soon sisszm, takecare yourself always. We miss u😙

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