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Disclaimer: I most likely blog my trips in a way in which I only describe my experiences and most likely how I feel at the moment. In the being of a personal journal and something like that, I think I can express myself more passionately, than the regular narrative blogs. I also put some reflections to it and somehow some queer and nerd metaphors. So I guess, if you’re looking for a “how-to” article, you probably in a wrong page. 



To be honest I was not in my best condition when I decided to go. I just needed a far place where I can be in peace and to somehow repair myself, (mentally and emotionally).

However, maybe with some hopes of having a really good time, I didn’t expect much that this will going to completely heal and help me. But it was so nice, that at least it helped and inspired me to start.

I guess knowing what you really want to be, needs more than a long weekend- and also, healing is not something we should rush and require a due date. Mending and overcoming for me is a never-ending process as learning. They could be a system- our own cell in growing.

Deep breaths somehow is very tiring. More especially when it caused by worries you can’t even explain why. You get more exhausted each passing day, and the more you think you can recover, the more you can’t get out of the feeling- the emptiness, the sorrow and the super-overthinking.



Why do we have to always forget “We are not alone?”

Undeniably, sometimes, yes, I do too, but I believe it has never and will never be the case.

Peace and serenity made sense to me when I realized about it. I needed it the most when I’m lone and alone. But its better being shared sometimes.

Reconnecting to your friends and making new more is not a bad idea.

Lately, I noticed that the more I age the more I want to be isolated and the more I don’t want to deal with people emotionally, maybe up until now.

But step by step I want to change that status quo. It’s not easy for me, but I am really trying and I started it by reconnecting to the special people I have in my life and making new at the same time. And so far it goes so good.

I feel less lonely and less troubled – though it doesn’t mean we can’t be depressed.

We can be sad, But I believe there’s more ways and reasons to be happy. The choice is no-one’s but ours.




My trip in Batangas was not perfect but it doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Yeah, I felt tired sometimes, I remembered my troubles, and maybe thought I am just wasting time, but I think these are components of learning through experience. More than those, I believe there’s a better view to look at it- The People I met and spent the time with was really Kind and Shining; the Island is nice, The fishes and Tortoises I saw were very stunning as well as the radiant underwater scenery when we snorkeled; The Batangas Lomi is always the best and many good things I was able to experience.

It is basically like the Life we have- we sometimes feel tired and sad, but it’s not always the case. It is really in the way we look at it, it is always in the choice to made, and the way we live it plus the colors we put to it.





I wish I am making sense. Lol

Thank you for Reading! Please let me hear from you! :)

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