Nothing Beats a LIVE Performance!!!! (ULOG Day 101)

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I am totally into Official髭男dism *(Official Higedandism). A couple months ago, I made a Ulog post about them. You may check it out HERE.

A few days ago, I met a student who is interested in Japanese music. Since I am also into Japanese music, I asked her what group or who her favorite singer is. She was reluctant because she said I might not know the band because they're not very popular even in Japan.

So, I told her... it's OK. I want to check them out if ever since I like listening to both J-pop and J-rock. And so she said, "The band's name is Official Higedandism. You don't know them, do you?" She looked at me questioningly because I was smiling.

I told her, "OMG! I know them. They sang Hinomaru Sumo's OP which is "Fire Ground". I love that song and I've checked out their other songs as well like "Ai Nanda ga" and "Stand by You""

I love the surprised look on her face when she told me, "Teacher, you are awesome. My friends don't know them and they're even Japanese." She looked so happy. Somehow, I can understand her feelings. There are not a lot of people who enjoy the same interests as I do here in my place. So, whenever I meet someone who knows or who understands what I am talking about, it makes me really giddy with overflowing happiness.

Anyway, allow me to show you the LIVE PERFORMANCE of Official髭男dism below. I got this video from their official YouTube account.


I wanna watch them live in the future! I found another band that I wanna see live. Of course, I still hope to watch NEWS, L'arc~en~Ciel, UVERworld, RADWIMPS, One OK Rock, Vistlip, etc. Ugh!!!!! I wanna go to Japan and watch them. お金、どこですか?(笑)

I'll end my post here, because I still have to work. My student this time was just absent, so I could make use of my time. hahaha~ Jaa ne~!!!

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