How I Spent My Day Off... (ULOG Day 102)

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Hello people! I decided to take the day off today because there was a warning in which our area will have a power outage. Luckily though, we weren't affected so it was a comfortable day.

I woke up got out of bed later than usual because I know I'm not working, so I read some Webcomics, WebToon and Manga updates for a couple of hours. Then after breakfast, I watched "Black Clover" update on TV.

If it were my typical day off, I would just laze around all day watching anime or reading manga. However, because of the power outage warning, I agreed to go grocery shopping with my mama. We had to buy stuff for our consumption as well as for our small store.

So, after lunch mama, I and ate Vanjie went out. Since it's a good chance, we also checked some prices of various stuff which we have to buy in a few days. After shopping for groceries, we went to the snack corner and ate something.


It was a bit crowded. Good thing we found an empty table where we can have our snacks comfortably. We had to stand while doing so, though. Not that it matters... We bought some "Bacon and Cheese Waffle" as well as Buko (coconut) shake.


We usually buy these stuff when we go grocery shopping. Sometimes, if I'm hungrier I choose some hotdog in a bun or sometimes shawarma. For the drinks, it's either this or some fresh lemon juice.


Waffles from Waffle Time are very delish. I always enjoy eating them. Usually, I buy Belgian chocolate flavor, but they were out of stock earlier, so I chose bacon and cheese instead. They're actually cheap. If you have a dollar, you can buy 2 of these already. <3


When it comes to affordable buko shake, I really like "Buko Ilonggo". There are several shops where we can buy buko shake, but so far, this is my favorite. I especially like it because of the consistency of the shaved ice, because in other shops, the shaved ice still have a very rough texture. But this one has a really nice texture. It's also healthy because it's fresh and pure coconut. One small bottle is less than a dollar, so it's pretty affordable, too. <3

When we came back home, I lay down on the sofa to relax, and guess what... this little fellow jumped on the sofa lay down on my pillow and slept. hahaha. We were only gone for a few hours, and I think he missed me. aww~ isn't he a cutie?


And ohh... we stopped by Booksale a while ago because I wanted to buy some flashcards which I can use for my classes. Well, I was able to buy some but not from that shop. Instead, I bought some anime magazines!!! YAAAAY~!!


These are old ones, but I got them in a very low price. I only paid 40% of its original price. It's a great addition to my anime magazine collections. I actually chose them based on the cover page... and I just check out some famous and not-so-famous anime that I might watch in the future.


We're born to make history~~~! I really like Yuri On Ice. I really hope that there'll be a second season. I want to see more of Yuri Plisetsky and Otabek as they are my favorite characters. I do like Viktor and Yuri Katsuki too, though.


I still haven't watched the anime version of "Ansatsu Kyoushitsu" (Assassination Classroom), but it's among my favorite manga. I have a strong affiliation to it because I am a teacher. Well, I don't train my students to kill me, but the change Koro-sensei made to his students was awe-inspiring. Somehow, I want to be a teacher like Koro-sensei. Of course, I'm talking about the achievable ones. haha


Gintama.... It's funny how I have two magazines with Gintama cover page and a poster of it on my wall when I haven't watched the anime and only read a few chapters of the manga. I couldn't remember where I stopped and why I did it. I think I finished the available chapters that time, but then I stopped reading the updates because I got busy with school stuff... then years passed and until now, I didn't pick it up again. I still remember how hilarious it was, though.

Now, I'm writing this blog while waiting for PBB to air. I really hope Fumiya, Yamyam, Lou and Andre make it to the big four. This batch for PBB ends this week, so I will miss waiting for them every night. There'll be a new batch of housemates, but I have no plan of watching it. Maybe when team LAYF comes back, I'd probably watch again. hihihi

Anyway, thanks for reading this post. Until next time my friends. じゃあね~!

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