Happy Birthday Manong Jed!!! A Mini Family Reunion..<3

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It was my cousin's birthday yesterday and I'm so happy he spent his special day with us. :) I'm also very glad that he liked my gift for him, also he went to our house together with our younger cousin who I haven't seen for a long time! <3

He bought roasted chicken and pork as well as hanging rice. Mama also cooked some meatballs and we bought some desserts which are leche flan and mango float. It was a simple, yet very satisfying dinner with my lovely family. I feel so overwhelmed. :)

After having dinner, we took some wacky pictures together. It's just so heartwarming and joyful because we haven't really spent time like this for a while now. We are all grown ups and are busy with our lives, unlike when we were young... We used to spend summer vacation in our grandparents' place in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. (My father's hometown)

We used to spend sleepless yet enjoyable nights together just talking or playing some games. Then, we'd ask our grandma to cook some noodles and chorizo for us... and they'd ask me to tell our uncle that I'm craving for ice cream so everyone could eat. Ohh those days. :) I'm glad that despite the years, our bond never changed.

As you may have known, I also tried drawing my cousin as a birthday gift for him. It wasn't that great, but he was moved and really appreciated it.

I am genuinely ecstatic when someone appreciates the little things I do for him/her. My heart is filled with overflowing joy. :) When I woke up this morning and checked my IG, I saw my cousin's post.

That night, we also had a video call with our other cousin who is in Canada. Though we haven't spent a lot of time together as we used to, but I'm hoping to have a reunion with my cousins one of these days. We might be in different locations now in the Philippines and even outside the Philippines, that doesn't stop us from being cousins. Our bond as cousins isn't just by blood, but also by heart.

Happy birthday again to my cousin. :) Thanks for reading this post, guys! <3 Have a great one!

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Sounds like a beautiful day.

Happy you were able to share your cousin with us.

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It was... :) Thanks a bunch... ^^
Hope you have a great one, too.. :D

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