Filipinos Are So Fanatic!!! (ULOG Day 120)

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Hey guys! What's up?!

Yesterday, my mama and I went to the mall just to hangout because the electricity in our place was unstable maybe because of the strong wind and rain the past day. So, it wasn't very safe to open classes. :)

So as usual, we decided to go to SM Seaside as it is very convenient and the place is so big, so we can enjoy strolling comfortably inside.

Usually on weekdays, the place would be like this. Since it's a work day and school day and because of the mall's size, it's not in any way crowded. However, yesterday it was super crowded! T_T

Just look at this view from the fourth floor! O_O Well, on that stage, some Filipino actors and actress will be there. Actually, programs usually start around 5 or 6PM and it was only past 2PM when I took this picture!

The crowd was indeed big! Actually, later on the same day around 4PM, the number of people in this area doubled so I and my mama went to another mall instead. We didn't want to get caught up in the crowd. xD

Not only that, in the movie theater areas (there are three movie theaters here Director's Cut, Centerstage and the regular one). The theaters were so crowded and the line was so long. It's because a movie of one of the famous actresses in the country is being aired.

It's interesting how people can be so fanatic! I personally don't like crowded places, so I watch a movie usually on it's 3rd or 4th week of showing. :) Also, I'm not really a huge fan of actors and actresses, well, singers maybe? However, it's usually Japanese bands or idols that I like. Well, I also like a number of Filipino singers as well.

Lately, I'm becoming a fan of KaoMiya which is a tandem of a half-Japanese half-Filipino lady, Kaori and a Japanese guy, Fumiya. They both joined a Filipino reality show called Pinoy Big Brother which just finished recently.

There's no harm in idolizing an celebrity for as long as you take them as an inspiration. :) Stay away from toxic fans and don't be toxic yourself. :) Anyway, I'll end here. Thanks a lot for reading. :) I'll post about the other mall where we transfered to in another post. See you!

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Kinsa na artista?

murag si Nadine og Sam man to te.. ngpromote sa Indak...

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