Coins for Groceries + Bestie <3 (ULOG Day 123)

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Hey guys! ^^
I finally finished my work for tonight. I was supposed to have another 1-hour class with my student, but unfortunately, the hospital called him so he ha to go back to check an emergency patient.

Because of that, I got the chance to write something here. I was browsing through my pictures to look for a possible topic to talk about, and I saw these.

The pictures above are a bunch of one peso coins.

We have a small store at home. Papa was about to go groceries shopping that day when we tried to prepare these one peso coins. In the shop where we usually buy, they request people to prepare one peso coins by 25 pieces. So, papa and I tried to prepare them while mama was listing the things to buy for the store.

After preparing them in 25 pieces, I decided to have fun and took some pictures of it. Most of them came from the store and also from our ATM (Automatic Tubig Machine). "Tubig" means water. In the Philippines, these "ATM" are quite common. You just have to put one peso coin and you can get water. It's hot in my country, so having these in places are convenient. It's cheap, and you can just use your own tumbler, so it can be environment-friendly as well... unless you put the water in a plastic.

It was my bestie's birthday a few days back. And it has been a common thing for us to video call each other especially in special occasions. Because of the time difference, we decided to have the video call at night of her birthday and morning here in the Philippines.

On our decided date, a not-so-good thing happened. There has been power outage in my area for the past days and on our decided date, the electric power company cut the power lines to repair it from 8am to 4pm. Knowing this, I charged my phone the night before and bought some data, so I could call her. <3

I was staying in our porch or house entrance, so natural lighting was too bright. hahaha I look so white, but sweaty. eww It was scorching and there wasn't electricity... but it's OK. I'm just glad I got to talk with my bestie. Our call was cut short though because my phone overheated.. lol It couldn't detect my sim card all of a sudden. And when it came to, I and bestie decided to call each other next time when there's proper electricity and good condition for both me and my phone. :)

I am indeed appreciative of modern technology because despite the distance and time difference, I and my bestie are still connected to each other. Well, we do send each other snail mails, though. Yep, we're kind of traditional... and I love it! haha

Anyway, I'll end this post here. I need to catch up with my manga... :) See you again! Good night! and good day to some! ;)

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Thank You, for making time to call me. 😊 Next time, mag kita na jud ta in person, ok? 😊

P.S. pag bilin pud ug uban coins sa alkansya 😁

Syempre ate oi... ikaw pa... (^_^)v See you soon!!!!

Hahaha... nailisan nman pd te... halin mana sa tubig ATM.. hihihi~

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kita kits!


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