ULOG: 25 "Slip When Taking Water, Farmers in Jombang Sink in the Konto River"

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Konto River in Jombang was suddenly crowded with residents. It was after Suharto reportedly drowned in the river Hamlet / Gondek Village, Mojowarno. The 60-year-old farmer allegedly fell while taking water in the river.

Mojowarno police chief AKP Willono said, at around 5:00 a.m. the victim and his younger brother Bambang Suyitno were about to irrigate the fields with a water pump. The victim's rice field is about 25 meters from the Konto River.

To lure the pump machine to light up and spit out water, Suharto used river water. Farmers from Gondek Hamlet draw water in the Konto River using used paint cans tied with raffia rope.

"The victim took the water twice, diesel ignited, then the victim took it again. It was long awaited with his sister, not returning. Wanted also not there, then reported to us at 8:15 a.m.," Willono told reporters at the scene on Saturday (6/10) / 2018).

Sungai Konto itself, continued Willono, is classified as deep and has a swift current. The river with a width of about 10 meters has a depth of 5-10 meters.

Suharto allegedly slipped to the Konto River while taking water for the third time. Now the police are assisted by volunteers, BPBD Jombang, and the TNI conducts a search.

"We collect BPBD, Semar, Tagana, Banser, Koramil and Polsek for our search together," he explained.

The search process is carried out by combing along the Konto River flow. In addition, a rubber boat was deployed to make waves at the sinking point of the victims. With this wave, it is hoped that the victim's body will immediately float if it sinks to the bottom of the river.

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