ULOG: 23 "Take Away Resident's Motorbike, Sukabumi's Man is Beaten Up"

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A battered man was beaten by a mob at Jalan Pemuda, Gang Purwa, Tipar Village, Citamiang District, Sukabumi City, West Java at around 2:00 p.m. WIB, Monday (1/10/2018). The man is suspected of being a motorbike thefter belonging to a local resident.

In a bloody condition the man known to have the initials RG alias Penjol was rushed to RSUD R Syamsudin SH. Penjol is said to have taken a motorcycle belonging to Irfan Noftiari (28) local residents.

"My son was upset about the motorbike missing by the perpetrator, the photo of the perpetrator was sent to his friends. Until the end, the perpetrator was brought with the children here. I just got upset because many people came," said the mother motorcycle owner, Ani Nuraeni (50) to the media crew.

Ani claimed to have forgotten when the motorbike theft occurred, but she still remembered when her family came to the family of the perpetrators in Palabuhanratu.

"The motorbike of my child was borrowed from the Penjol, but it was not returned. My son knew him from his friend, because the motorbike was not returned, the family came to his residence in Palabuhanratu. Until he was found there was the RT chief, we told him about the missing motorbike," he said.

After waiting for so long, the motorbike did not go home by the perpetrator. There were no signs of good faith, Irfan then spread the photo of the perpetrator to a number of his friends.

"Maybe my child is really dizzy, maybe because he wants to know the traces of this perpetrator, he spreads the photos to his friends. After that, my son gets information that the perpetrator is often involved in crime, collapsing shops, stealing motorbikes," said he.

"At that time he was brought here and there were many who were upset and claimed to be victims of the Penjol," he said.

When the news circulated that Penjol was killed after being judged by the masses, but the information from the hospital said that the person in question was still in the action room of the RSD Syamsudin SH.

"The condition of his wound was serious, he was still in the action room. At around 2:24 a.m., he was taken by the police," said one of the administrative officials.

Contacted separately from the Sukabumi City Police Chief, AKBP Susatyo Purnomo confirmed the incident and the police were still investigating.

"As soon as the report is received, the members go directly to the scene and evacuate the alleged perpetrators. At this time we are still asking for witnesses' information, the alleged case of embezzlement of motorbikes. It is suspected that the perpetrators are still in the hospital for treatment," Susatyo said.

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