ULOG: 20 "1,700 Students in Depok Threatened to Drop Out, Average High School Level"

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Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris said there were 1,500-1,700 students in Depok threatened with dropping out of school. Thousands of these students on average come from the high school level.

"Most of them are threatened with stopping from new high school students, the second is junior high school students," said Idris, when contacted on Friday (9/21/2018).

According to him, there were two factors that triggered this student to quit school. First, the trigger is the economic factor of the student. Second, because of the awareness of parents who are not paying attention to their children's education.

"For example, when we conducted socialization on Tapos, we found one student whose parents did not allow their children to go to school," he explained.

Furthermore, Idris emphasized the reason for the parents of one of these students to let their children quit school was that no one helped their parents work.

"The problem is not because of the inability of this mother to send her child to school but because her child power is needed by her mother to help her," Idris said.

Therefore, it also directs the National Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) of Depok City to help students who will be dismissed from school.

"We have directed BAZNAS to help students who will be dismissed from their schools, we also direct assistance to out-of-school children by including them in the center of teaching and learning activities (PKBM) to join the most followed Package C," he added.

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