ULOG: 16 "Looks at the spotlight of the Forest Police Car, Three Thieves of Teak Wood in Blitar Regency run into the Forest"

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The darkness of the night in the middle of the forest and the difficulty of the terrain, made these forest police (Polhut) always fail to catch forest wood thieves.

Even if you are too brave to enter the forest, it will be high, the life of the bet.

Like one of the three polhut experienced by thieves because they don't understand the terrain at night.

Inevitably, every time you patrolled into the forest at night, the polhut were made cat-and-mouse with the thieves.

Many times, the police only get stolen wood, while the perpetrators run away. As happened in the arrest in the Ringinrejo Teak forest, BKPH Kesamben, precisely plot 74 or enter Ringinrejo Village, Wates District, Blitar Regency, Sunday (9/09/2018) last night.

As many as three logs of teak wood along with the motorbike used to ride them were secured. Meanwhile, three perpetrators fled by leaving their motorbikes. However, when chased, officers lost track of him.

"The wood is taken from five trees and that night will be released. Because, the rest is found at the scene," said Sarman, Deputy Adm of Perhutani, Monday (10/9).

According to him, the arrest began with five police officers conducting patrols, driving a Kijang pik up. The target is that officers have moved into the forest because they have not been patrolled for a long time. The forest is a teak forest with an area of ​​about 48 hectares (Ha).

Exactly at 10:20 p.m., the patrol car entered the forest, passing the village of Ringinrejo Village. After leaving the nearest village about 20 minutes, the officer was shocked because in front, there were people hitching wood and speeding towards him. Not able to stop to try to catch him, the three perpetrators immediately knocked down his motorcycle and fled back into the forest.

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