ULOG: 14 "Two District Employees in Jember Ask for a Ration of 15% of PAUD Assistance Funds"

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The police carried out a hand arrest (OTT) operation against two elements of Sukowono Subdistrict, Jember Regency with the initials S (58) and AR (53). Both served as overseers in Sukowono Sub-District for the Special Service Assistance Fund for Early Childhood Education (PAUD) 2018 Academic Year.

"On September 6, 2018, at around 3:00 p.m. West Indonesia Time, there were levies and gratuities carried out by the two suspects to two PAUD institutions, namely PAUD Nurul Islam and PAUD Cempaka," said Director of Special Criminal Investigation of East Java Regional Police, Sr. Comr. Agus Santosa in his written statement. Sunday (9/9/2018).

Agus said the two suspects asked for a percentage of the liquid assistance funds to the two PAUDs by 15%. The assistance fund for each PAUD is Rp. 25,000,000.

"Every institution is asked for 15% or Rp. 3,750,000 from the disbursement of the Special Service Assistance Fund," Agus said.

The two suspects were arrested at RM Gizi, Sukorejo Village when they were about to receive the money. While the recipient of the reward, the PAUD heads were brought along to be brought to Mapolresta Jember to be used as witnesses.

The evidence obtained from this OTT activity is Rp. 7,200,000, cellphone and photocopy of bank account book.

"The suspect is charged under Article 12 letter e and or Article 12 letter A or Article 11 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 31/1999 as amended and supplemented by the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 20/2001," Agus said.

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