ULOG: 12 "Pertamina EP Oil Production in Sukowati Reaches 10,000 Barrel Per Day"

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PT Pertamina EP claims oil production in Sukowati Field increased to 10,010 barrels per day (bpd). Previously, the field only produced 6,800 bpd.

"After the management of May 20, 2018, with an average production of around 6,800 bpd, now as of September 3, 2018 oil production has penetrated 10,000 bpd, precisely at 10,010 bpd," said Chalid Said Salim, PT Pertamina EP Production & Operation Director in written statement, Tuesday (04/09/2018).

Chalid added that this oil production figure, exceeding the Sukowati production target of the specified field, was 6,214 bpd. He said, he believed he could meet the production target of 83,000 bpd in the entire operational area of ​​the company.

Meanwhile, Agus Amperianto, Asset 4 General Manager of Pertamina EP explained that the increase in Sukowati Field's production was obtained, among others from the optimization program of wells, acid wash, well service, cement bonding repair and reactivation of potential wells.

"We have 27 oil wells with five wells of which have the largest production including SKW 27 with a production of about 1,659 bpd, SKW 7 with a production of about 672 bpd, SKW 25 with a production of about 743 bpd, SKW 8C with a production of around 927 bpd and SKW 18 with a production of around 572 bpd, "Agus said.

Agus said, with additional production from Sukowati Field, PT Pertamina EP Asset 4's total production will also increase to 17,203 bpd or around 123 percent of the 2018 production target of 14,032 bpd.

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