ULOG: 11 "Lack of Forms, 51 Thousands of Purwakarta Residents Haven't Got an e-KTP"

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The blank form of e-KTP in Purwakarta Regency is still happening. The Department of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil) of Purwakarta Regency records 51 thousand residents do not have e-KTP.

Head of Purwakarta Disdukcapil Sulaiman Wilman said that this shortfall accumulated shortages ranging from new applicants, replacement of lost and damaged e-KTP and data changes.

"So 51 thousand of the majority of applicants change data, not new applicants," said Sulaiman when met by the media crew at the Service Office on Jalan Kusuma Atmaja, Nagri Kaler Purwakarta, Friday (08/31/2018).

His party has submitted a lack of blank e-KTP to the Ministry of Home Affairs, but until now the e-KTP has not been physically sent.

This vacancy at the central level occurred because the rupiah exchange rate against the dollar slumped. So that the winner of the physical tender e-KTP discourages the making because it will experience a loss.

"Information from the center, this is because the tender winner refuses to continue his cooperation when the rupiah exchange rate against the dollar decreases," he said.

In Purwakarta itself, this vacuum has occurred since the last two weeks in August. While the 51 thousand deficiency amount is accumulated from year to year.

To minimize the shortage of e-KTP, it borrows to other regions such as the Disdukcapil Karawang Regency. However, the loan allocation is limited to 2,000 copies.

"In addition to being given a statement (suket), we provide solutions to borrow from other regions. However, the loan allocation is not comparable to the shortcomings", explained Sulaiman

In fact, in a day the institution has at least printed 500 e-ID cards. Printing 500 copies, if divided by area, there are 192 villages and villages, so the assumption is that one village that can be printed by e-KTP is only five copies.

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does the local government not prepare this project ? , so something like this happens

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