ULOG: 11 "Election Supervisory Organization: There are 12 Ex-Corruptors Escaped Bacaleg and Continue to Increase"

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revealed the number of ex-prisoners of corruption who were passed to become legislative candidates (Bacaleg) will continue to grow. Currently there are 12 ex-corruptors who have been released.

"Maybe 12 yes. Later Central Java will also come out later," said Bawaslu Rahmat Bagja Commissioner at the DPR RI Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (3/9/2018).

"The possibilities are increasing," he continued.

Bagja said his party in principle did not want the number of ex-prisoners of corruption to be passed. However, based on the Election Law, it cannot be prohibited.

"We don't want this, but it's likely to increase," he said.

Bagja emphasized that the attitude of the Election Supervisory Body that passed the former corruptor does not mean that it is pro-corrupt. Bagja reasoned that this was the constitutional right of citizens to be elected and elected.

"Then secondly, from the beginning it was stated that this would be problematic if it was included in PKPU and the KPU would still enter this. It was also protested by KumHAM, right, instead the requirements of prospective members changed to the nominating requirements," he said.

"If it is consistent with that, then all electoral districts must be lost also in accordance with the nomination requirements," continued Bagja.

Bagja also explained, the decision to pass the ex-prisoner of corruption was also in accordance with the rule of law. If there are legal rules that contradict the PKPU Law, the Law is chosen.

"All law graduates state this and certainly see it as formal legalistic," he said.

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