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There is a cult in India called "Aghori", they live in cremation areas of hinduism as we burn dead body. They look savage with long beards and messy hair with dirty cloths and they can eat anything in their ritual utensil which is a human head. Did you find them weird, but in my opinion their philosophy of life is one of the greatest, by which they live completely detached from modern luxury.

In aghori philosophy which is what vedanta( most indepth philosophical scripture of hinduism) comes in to conclusion said that in life there is nothing negative. Even human excretion is also not some dirty thing, but a form of energy which does not feel good to senses of body, but for the aghoris it is energy in different form, which can not be perceived by eyes as mind would always say that it is dirty. For them life is manifestation of energy, and science also tells that, but they live in that....because of such an idea they have no fear what so ever and they roam freely every where....

For me if any one can be more positive more pure then, they would be these aghoris and the hermits not a super rich man- he may have some positivity but that comes from his assets which can be easily destroyed if any natural disaster occurs, and he is not as free as aghoris, who do not care about home or food or assets....they think everyony, everything is energy which play among themselves for pleasure and pain....


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Do you believe in supernatural elements?
Have you ever troubled by witchcraft.


What we say supernatural elements, are the things we can not sense, but they are their like sun itself...so when we begin to sense those elements they become natural for us as we see with our own eyes...for natural things how can their be any fear ...for example we can not see UV rays, or any sound wave, high frequency rays, but they exist...as for witch craft...these happens when some one have the ability to sense the energy in a refine way...all saints and hermits are able to sense purest energy for which they loose the value of mundane world...I never have the trouble with witchcraft as I see it as natural way of evolution, but now a days it have to be proved, if science can have the more sophisticated instruments though....and many ordinary people feel it when they do meditation like me...

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