Adding Style-Guide(s) With Collapse Component To Categories ulog-stellabelle & ulog-sweetsssj On

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So today i want to try to contribute a ( development contribution post via Utopian, for the fun and joy of it but also to learn how to do so. I am following a sample from EastMael, a regular contributor to open source projects via has also been supporting the development of; thus, this post also carries a measure of gratitude.


Task Request

There was no written task request. This is a direct contribution to the code.

Pull Requests

Feature To Add

Added Style-Guide (With Collapse component) to the categories; "ulog-stellabelle" & "ulog-sweetsssj" on

What was required was simply to add an expandable/collapse segment containing a style-guide (text) to the top area of &, to guide users on how to Ulog under these ulog-subtags. 

This very simply involves adding new paths to the Path.js file (for each of these two fresh categories) and replicating a segment of code that already exists in a file called UlogCaption.js

The rest is of the task involves some text addition, text formatting etc.

Actual Solution

  • Since i have a copy of Ulogs Repo on my PC, I simply pulled the latest copy of the Repo from Github.
  • Then, i set up locally & went live.
This task doesn't require logging in as you can view prior to login. Thus, there was no need to edit the ENV files.
  • I located the Page.js file and added new paths as seen below:

  • Then i located the UlogCaption.js file, replicated the section of the code that contains the collapse component and the algorithm for tallying categories with appropriate style-guide, one for each of the two new categories and i edited the resulting lines of code, adding to it the appropriate style-guide.
  • Finally, i committed the code to Github and did a pull request to have it merged and deployed to

Demo Of Results



Lessons Learned.

With the application of micro-programming-tasks, coding suddenly becomes a notch easier allowing "everyone" into the ecosystem. 

For the task above, a simple replication logic was applied. Instead of building fresh lines of code, simply look at the UI (in this case for similar component (feature) to that that you intend to create; then seek out the portion of code for it, replicate it and apply your edits. Another thing that is helpful, is comparing previous commits from other contributors, for a similar feature to that, that you intend to create and trying to compare it to a point in the code when the feature was not there. This will help you identify what files where changed, what paths where added etc

Applying these methods can help even developers who aren't versed in React JS (the framework for to contribute code. Project owners who aren't versed with coding can understand the complexity of tasks better and have better lines of communication with prospective contributors.

If you are a programming enthusiast, you will be able to contribute codes as well. Of utmost help (for programming enthusiasts) is when you have veteran developers buying out time to guide you. Better when they simply guide you and let you experiment, applying your own use of logic.

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Thanks for the contribution, @surpassinggoogle! It's a small and simple change, but it's definitely cool to see the project owner also working on the project.

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Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 4 contributions. Keep up the good work!

@surpassinggoogle, I want to say that this is one of the Unique Update and for one thing i want to appreciate your and teams work and that is these updates are really moving towards the deeper aspects.

And whenever we find many dynamics and unique options on particular platform then for sure that increases the Value Addition aspect and it will be more explorative.

And one thing i have to agree and that is, I've never saw these kind of Rapid Updates process for any platform with day to day update posts, so for that i want to appreciate you and the whole Contributing team.

So, keep up the great work and we all wish that that yours and team's hard work will going to bring the success and it will only going to see the boosting phase.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Hey @chireerocks
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Off topic.
Why there was no voice show this Saturday, I went to the server, but no one was there.
as far as task -request, I am 100 sure it will be accepted.

Hello it's so exciting to read your many updates and progress on the ulogs platform. More exciting is the knowledge that you are Okay and well, dedicated and committed to this task of providing a convenient environment for our steemit surfing experience. Enjoy your day!

Always grateful for Ulog <3

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Thanks for making my world so beautiful terry boy with ulogs they have powered my life.

@surpassinggoogle you are such an innovative and nice man.

I wish people could be more like you, instead of going around abusing, breaking down and robbing.

Like how i was robbed of all my steem in my account yesterday.

😥 Soo sad.


I am sorry for this,
there are times when our mind can be deceived by other cunning people who want to steal our key. Always stay alert, check the links very well before entering them, do not deposit your password in any format. No one should ask for your password.😥

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I suggest you sir @surpassinggoogle when we will join ulog discord voice show on saturday i join obviously and also another join with us than you propose your task by Through on discord, i hope this task request obviously accepted sir @surpassinggoogle

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I upvoted your post because you simply deserve it.

Mabuhay, keep steeming.

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100 % Accepted SoProud For Ulog @surpassinggoogle

Como siempre @surpassinggoogle con una excelente contribución acerca de este segmento y saber eactamente como funcionan las etiquetas y subetiquetas de la página

Went through it, and I must say. It's gonna be accepted.
Proud to be a ulogger


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Thanks @surpassinggoogle for your important and valuable information to keep getting involved every day more in everything that has to do with ulog! regards

100% accepted... Proudly #ulogger.

Lets try the impossible, thats the way to success.