ULOG DAY>>>050/a mother's love for her child.

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hello friend #ulogger met me today is still in the #ulog tag category this time I want to write a post about a mother's love for her child.
best friend #ulogger do you know the beautiful value dear mother to deserve?
Now I've seen the great love of a mother because I am now married and have a wife and she is the mother of my children too, I didn't care much about this because I didn't live it, I was rude to my people unable to ignore what he said to me even though what he said was all for my good too, but I was single that I did not say that I knew it was fun even on the wrong road, after my mother's mother reprimanded me I was always angry and left .
I really understand and understand myself, I am very honest and very sinful to my mother, from childhood I was loved being spoiled and diving with all my heart, even she could no longer bite me.
now I can imagine myself in those days, after I saw my wife caring for and loving my children she was very gentle and would do everything for good, I always pay attention, my wife is educating my children, even her, no, sleep, children, children, sick, every time I see that I always pay off with my mother this way mixing me up My mother sacrifices for me even though she has to fight for me, without realizing I shed tears when I remember the day my day is always rude with my mother.

now I really really understand, very valuable, dear, a woman, for what she will do for good.

#ulogger's friend, this story I took from my life, you can draw conclusions from this story, you should not love your parents because if they don't have them you can never see this earth, so respect your parents for making him happy he needed to still be there and the best for him if he was gone.

thank you for reading my story, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.

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