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Hi guyes'

I am going to tell you about my fav matches

world cup England vs Colombia match world


James Rodriguez, whose involvement is wuestionable as he is suffering from swelling
In his leg was the golden boot winner in 2014 with six goals and before his fitness problem was shoig signs of that from again

Published on july 1st 2018
4 :31 pm

I love to watch that match

2016 last knock out clash in mascow


colombja players stands on the pitch after winning the group.. Dont miss a kick as we knock as we bring you all the latest actions 16 knock out show down


Footballs tackles a Colombian shaped traffic jam on its rute home this evening as England

Take on the south african outfit in mascow
The tree lions lost there final group game it was depressed for the team to give them perceived
Easier path to the final with tonight fixers football show piece


Hows was the match interesting







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England vs colombia,i ll go for colombia to win👍



@mohit.gupta why your repu still in 25?

I guess coloumbia wil win the match...
Whts you think @izza


Yes u right i will discuss about in my next

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Columbia to go through

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