Independence Day Ulog!

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Hi everyone!

I'm not even sure if this will work, because I've been trying to upvote, and comment for the last hour or so, and I keep getting an error: "expected string." What does that even mean? Anyway, sorry to those who have unanswered comments, as I really don't understand why I can't respond! I guess I'll just try again later. :(

Yesterday, our city celebrated independence day! Did we go and join the festivities? Hell no! With 5 kids 10 and under to keep track of in a half drunk crowd of like 12,000 people, it wasn't really our idea of fun! Two of Jared's cousins were almost kidnapped when he was little. The three kids were standing in line to go to the bathroom, and some drunk guy takes his two cousins by the back of their necks, and said, "These two are coming with me!" They struggled away, but everyone was pretty spooked after that to say the least!!

So what did we do? We stayed at home and celebrated with our own fireworks that my lovely mother in law gifted us! I got this photo of everyone with dad:

While it was still pretty bright out, we started with those little firecrackers that you just throw on the ground, and they go "pop!" In this picture, everyone threw them at once out into the road.

Then we did sparklers! Some of the children were hesitant, but everyone eventually got into it

When it started get dark out, we just waited a little bit longer to set off our fountains.

Soon it was time to do our fountains. Here's a short video of the event:

If you noticed a in the video that some real fireworks were going off, you were right! We got a free show from multiple people in the neighborhood setting off illegal fireworks. They were pretty amazing. I think the police turn a blind eye unless someone complains, because they were going off all around us, and no one got in trouble to our knowledge.

Well, that was our 4th of July! How was yours?

Love, snowpea ❤


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Owww looks like you had such fuun! So happy for you, @snowpea <3 You deserve some fun!
And your family is beautiful, those kids are just adoraaable :)
So sweet.. Happy 4th of July!


Thank you, we had tons of fun @honeydue! 😘

Just a couple of hours ago I lament on my blog why there aren't much as many post commemorating the 4th of July, I was expecting the Steemiverse to be full of challenges, contest and many fun, sad, I find none.
Glad to see yours though. Happy Independence Day to you.


I haven't been here enough to notice the lack of Independence day posts, contests, ect. Glad you enjoyed this one! :)

What an amazing day you had with your family. Sounds like a lot of fun! Well, I didn't celebrate as I'm European but I have many American friends who did.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! BTW: Did you get that job that you applied for?


Thanks for your comment! Looks like I can only use my phone to comment and upvote. 🤔 Weird.

No, I did not get the job. :(


I'm sorry to hear that!!! But there will be many offer to come! Just stay positive and keep applying. Fingers crossed ❤


Yes, it just wasn't meant to be. :)

Independence day, a that reminds us of national pride . I can understand why you guys stayed at home my mom too always used to be really afraid to take me also to croweded places.

But seeing the pictures, i am guessing you guys had a real good time at home also.


Yes, we had a great time! Thanks for your comment! :)

Me on the fourth did nothing apart from go to my internship September and get along with the cars lol. Hope you're doing great @ snowpea. Hope y'all had a great time.

Looks like you all had an amazing time @snowpea


We did, thanks @jusipassetti! 😘

I hope enjoy a independent day, thanks for share your feeling about independence day

Such a lovely family. Super glad the dark days appear over... and they are